Expensive Trip to the Deer Lease

You’re relaxing at the deer lease having a great time with your buddies. The campfire is roaring while you sip on some Woodford Reserve whiskey. You are there with lifelong friends as one of their grandkids approaches you with a question.

Can I take your Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 for a spin?

You say yes. You’re an easy-going guy and don’t want anyone to think you are a heartless jerk. Heck, you were a kid once and would probably ask the same question.

Ten minutes later your good buddy gets a phone call. It’s his grandson. They wrecked your Polaris UTV. You jump in your truck and head down there.

As you show up on the scene, you see your $19,000 Polaris laying on its side. What is your first response? Anger? Relief the kids are ok? It’s just an accident?

This is a true story that recently happened. Luckily, both kids were fine, and they walked away with a cut.

Modern day UTV’s have so much power. It is unbelievable how much power they have. If you have kids getting rowdy on them, make sure they are wearing seatbelts and helmets. It will save life and limb.

Damage to the Polaris UTV

  • Dash cracked down the center
  • One side of the top is bent pretty bad
  • Frame is bent
  • $12k in damage according to repair shop.
  • Insurance company totaled the UTV
  • Unit cost $19k new

The grandfather of the kid that was driving now has to fork out close to $5k to pay the difference between what the insurance company is paying out and the replacement cost. He did not own the UTV.

If the Polaris UTV was not insured, the grandfather would have to cut a check for $19k. Imagine that.

Knowing this kids grandfather, the kid will probably be giving him ten consecutive paychecks for the mistake. It will be a great learning experience for this kid that could possibly save his life down the road.

Close call. We are very fortunate that no one got hurt.

A simple outing to the deer lease turned into a costly trip.

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