Gail from Seattle Coffee Gear Was a Great Product Reviewer

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If you like coffee, you have probably watched a few YouTube videos showing new products or preparation techniques. There is a lot of content to choose from, but one who stood out among all others is Gail from Seattle Coffee Gear. Why? Genuine authenticity.

The internet has become the National Inquirer on steroids. You land on a website looking for good, relevant content, and you don’t know where to look. There are click bait headlines at every turn. Advertisements and content have started to look the same. Pop-ups are slapping you in the face before you can read the first letter of the first sentence.

There was once a time when a link in an online article was a useful reference to something relevant and now they lead you to America’s top retailers. The rise of “influencers” in social platforms have spawned a new type of corporate control over information that is spread online.

Authenticity Can’t be Faked

Gail wasn’t great to watch because she was the best at anything in particular. She was great to watch because she was herself and that came through the camera. I don’t know Gail personally or have any affiliation with Seattle Coffee Gear. That is my personal take on watching her for years review new products and do coffee tastings.

Gail brought you back to a time when people would give an honest assessment of something rather than a polished version that was influenced by a sponsor.

Good Content Will Be Naturally Shared

If you focus on creating good content, it will be shared naturally and organically over time. Stop worrying about SEO, marketing, newsletters, and the rest. Focus on providing the content you want to see. Genuine, honest opinions and facts based on your actual experience. Not a skewed version you created in your head, so you can link to a certain product for commissions.

And yes, you know what I’m talking about, so stop being in denial. Anyone and everyone who has created an affiliate website has done it. Affiliate links have an ever pulling force that steers the direction of your website. You may not think its happening, but it is. Many websites are shills that link out to every opportunity they get hoping and praying you click their link and make a purchase while they are sleeping.

How much different would your product review look if you were not linking out to Amazon?

Gail Didn’t Review for the Affiliate Link

The content Gail created online was real and organic. It wasn’t perfectly calculated SEO garbage with clickbait headlines and 45 affiliate links in the description of the video. It was honest, real, organic testimony about products they sold in their stores.

I don’t know whats on AM radio where you live, but in our area we have a garden guy named Bob Webster who is on 550AM. He has one of the most trusting voices and demeanors you will find on the radio. He doesn’t speak fast and is never quick to get anyone off the phone.

I feel society is starving to slow down. People are craving a slower time when people used to have real conversations about things that were interesting or things that mattered. This is what Gail and Bob offer. An honest assessment of what they see and their take on how something can help you in your struggles with coffee or gardeing. Whatever it may be.


Gail has since retired and posted a sign-off video on the Seattle Coffee Gear channel. She mentions she has been making videos for about twelve years and quite possibly around four thousand videos.

Good job Gail. I hope you come back one day and start another YouTube channel because the world needs more like you. Enjoy your retirement!

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