How To Save Website Logins in iOS 14

I have been a 1Password user for years, but as of late I have been trying out iCloud Keychain which is the built-in password manager in all Apple devices. While it works really well, it takes some time getting used to it.

The reason I have been using iCloud Keychain more and more is because of the way it integrates so quickly with Face ID. I have been using my 2108 iPad Pro 12.9” as my main computer, so it was a good time to try out Apple’s offering.

The password manager built into iCloud will serve up your login based on a web address or app you are in. There is a blue button that will rise from the bottom and it authenticates with Face ID. It is very convenient not having to click the share icon and go through the steps of activating 1Password.

I will say 1Password is getting more and more fluid with fewer steps needing to be taken to fill in passwords.

How To Force Save a Website Login

If you have a website login screen that does not activate your iCloud Keychain, or maybe iCloud never asked if you wanted the password saved, you can add it manually. It’s simple.

In iOS 14, you will need to go to Settings, then click on Passwords. Face ID will launch to authenticate you for this area.

Next, click the “+” button and it will ask you to fill in your credentials. Go ahead and fill in the website address, username, and password. That’s it.

The next time you log into this website, the blue button will appear at the bottom of the screen automatically allowing for easy access to your login credentials.

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