Is Marques Brownlee the GOAT YouTube Reviewer?

Screenshot credit: YouTube

If you like keeping up on the latest technology, and you don’t know who I am talking about, then you need to check out his YouTube channel. Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, is a YouTube reviewer that has a natural ability to review products like no one I have ever seen.

The question I pose today:

Is Marques Brownlee the Greatest YouTube Reviewer Of All Time?

MKBHD History

He started out in 2009 when he was in high school uploading videos of products he was using at the time. It all started with the hunt for a new laptop. After watching several reviews of laptops, he made a purchase. While using the new laptop, he noticed some neat features that weren’t discussed online, so he decided to make a video to help others in the buying process.

He flipped on the webcam and started talking about features that he felt were overlooked and people should know about. It’s that simple. If you start your channel or blog with the right intentions, the traffic will build slowly over time resulting in great success.

Although his start was in computers, today he features everything from an Elon Musk interview to videos discussing the latest robot tech with a vehicle thrown in here and there.

I think what makes Marques Brownlee so appealing is his genuine honest approach to technology. Although his YouTube channel is larger than life, on screen Marques comes across as being very grounded which is probably a testament to his parents.

Just How Big is MKBHD?

Just to give you an idea of how big Marques Brownlee is in the YouTube world, here are some stats.

At the time of writing this, Marques Brownlee had more subscribers to his YouTube channel than Google. Let me say that again. He has more subscribers to his YouTube channel than the trillion-dollar company that owns YouTube.

Here are the YouTube subscriber counts for some of the most popular technology companies in the world.

Marques Brownlee: 15 million subscribers

  • Apple: 15.4 million
  • Google: 10.3 million
  • Samsung: 5.92 million
  • Microsoft: 803,000
  • Best Buy: 404,000

Other popular technology YouTube Channels:

  • Unbox Therapy: 18.2 million
  • Linus Tech Tips: 14.2 million
  • iJustine: 6.98 million
  • CNET: 3.29 million
  • MacRumors: 437,000
  • AppleInsider: 592,000

MKBHD Keeps it Real

When reviewing products, Marques will keep it real with you. He will tell you the good and the bad as if you were having a conversation at a coffee shop together. I could be wrong, but he doesn’t seem beholden to sponsors or corporations which is nice to see.

As an example, he calls out Apple on many things he sees as issues with their products. He stays grounded about price points and many times will tell you not to upgrade unless your needing the latest tech for something specific.

MKBHD is Good at Filmmaking

The best YouTube channels that review products have also become creative entertainment outlets. Many channels today produce astonishing videos that rival Apple commercials on TV, and MKBHD is no exception. While watching his videos, you will see the latest in hardware and software technologies being used to create remarkable content by him and his team. Pretty amazing what YouTuber’s are doing today.


One of the things I like most about Marques Brownlee is he always seems to call it like it is. He is not beholden to any major corporations, not even Apple. If there is something he doesn’t like about their products, he talks about it. No, he doesn’t bash people or take personal shots. He lays out his argument in a respectful manner.

Because most reviewers rely so heavily on manufacturers to send them products, I’m surprised when I hear some of his comments and feedback. People who review products want to be a part of the inner circle. They wan’t to be the cool kid. Maybe MKBHD is so large it doesn’t matter. Heck, he has more followers than most billion dollar corporations.

If you like technology reviews, Marques Brownlee is definitely at the top of the list. His unique, humbled approach combined with his in-depth understanding of technology will always be appealing to viewers for years to come.