My Favorite Texas Craft Beers

In no particular order, here are my favorite beers found in Texas. Look them up the next time you are passing through the Lone Star State. Cheers!

Altstadt Oktoberfest

Ranked #1 at HEB by the Houston Chronicle, this might be the best Oktoberfest beer made on American soil. Altstadt brews this beer in their world-class facility in Fredericksburg, Tx. I use the word “might” because I haven’t tried them all. I know, I know… I’m trying my best. Get it while it lasts because they sell out faster than a prairie fire with a tailwind.

Lazarus 40 Days and 40 Nights IPA

One of the most balanced American IPA beers we have found. Not too hoppy, not too bitter. A beautiful recipe that lays light on the tongue with a piney finish. At around 7% ABV, this beer could start a buzz saw. Lazarus was on their A game when they invented this masterpiece.

Long Gone Blonde Ale

Long Gone Blonde Ale is a staple at Whitestone Brewery in Cedar Park, Tx. This is an easy drinking blonde ale with a sweet orange vanilla bean finish. The thicker mouthfeel finishing with a complex toasty, malt flavor. Available year round, your guaranteed to have more fun with this blonde!

Live Oak Hefe

The Live Oak Hefeweizen is in the mile high club. Located across the highway from the Austin Bergstrom Airport, Live Oak brewery pulled of a world-class Hefe that is a sweet, full flavored sandwich with no carbs. Just kidding, carbs are ever present in this one. Bravo to you Live Oak!

Lone Pint Yellow Rose IPA

If you thought The Yellow Rose of Texas was a song, think again. It all started with a caboodle of malt smashed into perfection making for a strong IPA that is extremely quaffable. Yellow Rose would surely approve of this dry hoped, single malty hoppy, bright as diamonds and sparkled like dew beer.

Real Ale Coffee Porter

Who says nothing good comes out of college? The owner of Real Ale brewed this rich, malty beast in college with a Bunsen burner. Well, maybe not a Bunsen burner, but it was a college experiment. Katz’s coffee out of Houston, Tx is the collaboration that adds that glorious coffee flavor. Pair it with bacon and eggs, and you are sure to start the day with an acidic buzz.

Karbach Hopadillo IPA

The armadillo is the Texas state mascot. That explains the name for this hard shelled, self-proclaimed bitter IPA made in Houston, Tx. Hopadillo can be found at most restaurants in Texas and for good reason. It is a staple that defined what an American IPA should taste like. Leprosy is optional.

Temptress Imperial Milk Stout

Thick and milky, this seductress declares sweet caramel aromas with every kiss. She likes to slow dance to the raspy Muddy Waters in a sultry groove as the sweat runs down her back. Lakewood Brewing made this in a bourbon barrel variation that is on my list to try. They also offer the “Seduction Series” which features Peanut Butter, French Quarter Coffee, Double Chocolate, and Salted Caramel flavors.

Electric Jellyfish IPA

Found in all ocean waters, the Electric Jellyfish is sure to impress with its beautiful color. Juicy hop flavors are pulled from six different hops that create a hazy floral backbone not present in any other sea creature. Go easy on this jelly or your guaranteed to get stung.

Real Ale Axis IPA

White spots on brown make this Texas Hill Country favorite one of the best tasting beers among the cedars. Exotic by nature, the Axis IPA has animal magnetism that will draw in the most weary of doe. Grab your next beer by the horns when passing through central Texas.

Altstadt Lager

This everyday drinking beer is on the lighter side and will keep you on your barstool. Like all their beers, Altstadt Lager is brewed in Fredericksburg, Tx using strict German brewing practices. Balance is the first word that comes to mind when I think of this beer. Not too strong and never lacking in flavor. A great everyday BBQ drinking beer.

Haze Wizard NEIPA

Casting a spell from North Texas, Haze Wizard New England IPA from 3 Nations Brewing Co. is one of the top haze beers we have tried. We discovered this beer at Krause’s Biergarten in New Braunfels, Tx and immediately noticed we were under a spell. As the wizard looks over his boiling cauldron, so goes the magic of this irresistible hazy concoction.

I will be adding to this list over time as we try new beers around the state of Texas. Enjoy!

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