Reheating Frozen BBQ Ribs in Kitchen Oven

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A good way to have ribs anytime you want is to cook several racks and freeze them for later. If you plan on cooking a couple of racks for the family, go ahead and cook 2-4 more racks for later.

Frozen baby back ribs in ziploc bag.
Frozen baby back ribs in ziploc bag.

Once you’ve pulled the ribs off the pit, let them cool down so you can slice them. You are going to slice all the racks of ribs because we are going to freeze them that way. This will make it easy to choose how many you want to reheat depending on how many people are eating.

When ready to freeze the left over ribs, put them in a one gallon ziploc bag and place them in the freezer. Whenever you get a hankering for ribs, pull out as many as you need and reheat in the kitchen oven.

Frozen ribs on disposable foil sheet in kitchen oven
Frozen ribs on disposable foil sheet in kitchen oven

Put your kitchen oven on low broil. I place the ribs on disposable foil sheets and put them on the middle rack. Start off with 15-20 minutes when re-heating a frozen rib. Our oven takes about 20 minutes and the meat and bone come out sizzling. You can also use a counter top toaster oven.

If your ribs come out dry when reheating, try placing some real butter squares on top of the ribs so they melt down into the meat. This always help moisten any type of meat and adds a great neutral flavor.

This is a great way to have BBQ ribs anytime you want without having to worry about them going bad in the refrigerator. It’s also great if you want to pull out a couple to pair with any meal you are cooking during the week. Give this tip a try and you’ll wonder why you haven’t done this sooner.


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