Rent .99 Cent Movies Immediately on iTunes

If you find .99 cent movies on iTunes that interests you, rent them right away. You have 30 days to watch the movie if you choose the option “rent and watch later”.

This allows you to take advantage of the special pricing while giving you a month to watch the movie if you’re busy.

If you choose “rent and watch now”, Apple gives you 48 hours to finish the movie and you can watch it multiple times. For instance, you may watch the movie by yourself and someone else in your household can watch it the next day.

The Apple iTunes Store offers a new .99 cent “Movie of the Week” released every Tuesday. If you dig a little deeper, they also have a section titled “.99 Cent Movies You May Have Missed” that features many movies still priced at .99 cents. Great bargain if you find something that interests you.

This is a quick tip I wanted to share that I learned from a friend. It allows you to set up an inexpensive buffer of entertainment that you can watch at your leisure.