Use a Pinch of Salt For Bitter Coffee

We make our coffee with reverse osmosis water. I know this is not recommended by coffee connoisseurs, but it is all we have. If we have bottled water on hand we will use that.

The water out of our faucet comes directly from our water well which is pulling water four hundred feet down. Our water is loaded with lime, so we have a water softener. Making coffee with soft water doesn’t taste great.

Reverse osmosis water is stripped from most minerals that are needed to make a good cup of joe. There is a reactionary process that takes place with minerals in water that help create a great tasting cup of coffee. This is why so many coffee shops have special water systems.

Our water is less than ideal for brewing coffee, but we have found ways to remedy this. I add a good pinch of salt to every pot of coffee I make. The salt calms down the bitter bite that is sometimes present in certain roasts of coffee.

We buy our coffee from Merit Coffee Co. We believe they have some of the finest roasted coffee beans in the United States. We have ordered coffee online and tried many brands in our travels across the United States. They roast top-notch coffee.

We drink our coffee black. If you were adding cream or milk, you would probably never know your coffee was bitter. If you are having issues with your coffee tasting bitter, add a pinch of salt.

You will be amazed at how it can dramatically change the profile of your next cup of coffee.

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