WeatherTech CupCoffee Coffee Mug Holder Review

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One of the most prized early morning indulgences for anyone who gets up early is their coffee. If you drink coffee in your vehicle, you have most likely spilled a drop or two (or a whole cup) while commuting to work. Yes, you can drink coffee in a regular insulated tumbler, but there is something about drinking coffee from a mug with a handle. It just feels right. Let’s take a look at the WeatherTech CupCoffee Coffee Mug holder (wow, that’s a mouthful) so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Multiple Sizes for Cup Holders

Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your vehicles cup holder.
Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your vehicles cup holder.

WeatherTech has made their CupCoffee accessory to fit any cup holder in most vehicles, boats, or UTV’s. The product comes with a stacked set of base cups that will accommodate most cup holders, and it even features a StickySleeve to help prevent movement.

The hole in the bottom allows you to easily release the stacked cups.
The hole in the bottom allows you to easily release the stacked cups.

The cups can be hard to pull apart when selecting a size, which is a good thing. To make this easier, they have included a hole in the bottom that allows you to remove the larges sizes if you need to downsize to a smaller cupholder.

The small tool is included.
The small tool is included.

WeatherTech also includes a small tool that helps you push the cups out to release them. This tool is shaped to fit perfectly in the bottom hole, so removal of larger cup holder sizes is manageable by most people. They think of everything.

Rubber Bottom in WeatherTech CupCoffee

Rubber bottom insert found in the WeatherTech CupCoffee.
Rubber bottom insert found in the WeatherTech CupCoffee.

The rubber bottom insert found in the WeatherTech CupCoffee is removable, which makes it great for cleaning spills and junk that falls down into the holder. The rubber material is also great at absorbing rattles, especially when used with a metal mug like the Yeti Rambler. Like all their products, everything they make is very well-designed and top-tier quality.

You Can Spin the Holder by Grabbing the Handle

The CupCoffee swivels back and forth to allow for perfect adjustment in your vehicle.

If you grab the handle of your coffee mug, you can use it to spin the base, so you can position the handle perfectly in your vehicle. This gives you on the fly adjustment for all types of drivers, and it can be used by someone in the passenger seat.

Using CupCoffee With Standard Coffee Mugs

Standard household coffee mugs in the WeatherTech CupCoffee mug holder.
Standard household coffee mugs in the WeatherTech CupCoffee mug holder.

I was curious how the CupCoffee would perform with a standard household coffee mug, so I grabbed several out of our kitchen and took some photos. If you use one of the larger wide body coffee mugs like the black cup featured in the photo, it works excellent. The other two white mugs did ok as well, but the clear glass mug was a little more narrow, and it features a smaller base which causes it to tip easier. But, for the most part, the WeatherTech CupCoffee can be used as a stable cup holder in your vehicle from most wide body coffee mugs.

Can Be Used Anywhere You Have a Cup Holder

WeatherTech Cupcoffee fits perfectly in the Polaris Ranger UTV cup holder.

The WeatherTech CupCoffee can be used anywhere you have an open cup holder like in your boat, golf cart, lawnmower, or UTV. It does a fantastic job at providing a stable platform for your Yeti Rambler 14oz Mug or any wide body mug you may have. So many people now own smaller utility vehicles, which makes having this option so much more enjoyable.

WeatherTech CupCoffee installed in Hustler and Kubota lawnmower cup holders.

If you have the Yeti Rambler Mug with the Magslider lid, you can mow grass without worrying about getting dust and debris in your coffee. As you can see in the photo above, the WeatherTech CupCoffee is versatile and can be used in just about any cup holder. Nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass while sipping a hot cup of fresh coffee. Thank you WeatherTech and Yeti!

Yeti Rambler 14 oz Coffee Mug with Magslider Lid

Yeti 14oz Mug with Magslide Lid. Screenshot credit:
Yeti 14oz Mug with Magslide Lid. Screenshot credit:

There is nothing worse than having to chug down your coffee fast because it’s starting to cool down too quick in your standard coffee mug. If that sounds like you, then you might be a good candidate for the Yeti Rambler Mug. There are many companies out there that make great insulated mugs, the Yeti Rambler just happens to be the one that was gifted to me. And, it hasn’t disappointed.

The WeatherTech CupCoffee mug holder we are reviewing today was originally designed for the Yeti 14oz Rambler Mug. As you can see, Yeti offers this mug in several colors to suit anyone’s taste. The mug holds plenty of coffee for a commute, and the wide base allows you to set it down without worrying about your cup tipping over. Of course, in this article we are reviewing the WeatherTech CupCoffee, which will end all unnecessary spills in your vehicle when used with the Yeti Rambler 14oz Mug.

I have been drinking coffee out of this mug for a couple of years now. My Yeti Mug has the Magslider Lid, which allows you to close the top. Some people I have spoken to don’t like the Magslider lid. I find it an invaluable feature that allows me to close the lid to prevent spills and heat loss. It always works easily and never gets jammed. My Yeti Mug has been dropped many times on asphalt and concrete and hasn’t skipped a beat. If I were to do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate buying another.

Also Made for the Yeti 24 oz Rambler Mugs

Screenshot credit:
Screenshot credit:

WeatherTech also makes their CupCoffee mug holder for the Yeti 24oz Rambler mug that features a taller, slimmer design. This variation is specifically designed for the Yeti 24 oz mug to prevent it from tipping over. If there is one thing WeatherTech needs credit for, it’s how they think through everything they build. The 24 oz CupCoffee comes with all the same features and accessories as the 14 oz version.

Should You Buy a WeatherTech CupCoffee?

Yes, I highly recommend it!

If you enjoy drinking your coffee out of a mug with a handle in your vehicle, then I would highly recommend the CupCoffee by WeatherTech. Especially if you use the Yeti 14 oz or 24 oz Rambler Mug. I haven’t really found any negatives to the product.

If you drink out of a standard tumbler, or you always have other people in your vehicle needing to use the cup holders for other things, then you most likely don’t need one. Although, the CupCoffee coffee mug holder is easy to remove and throw in your console if needed.


The WeatherTech company makes spectacular products. Over the years we have owned many of their products and every vehicle we own always gets WeatherTech floor liners. Their products are high quality and extremely well-thought-out, which is why they are so successful. The company seems to focus on solving problems for everyday people, which is a great business model that will never go out of style.


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