Bull Rack Stackable BBQ Grill Jerky Rack Review

If you own a barbecue smoker, there will come a time when you might want to smoke some beef jerky. We recently stopped off at a convenience store and grabbed a 1/2 pound bag of beef jerky, and it cost $24. That comes out to $48 a pound for beef jerky, which is crazy.

Because smoking jerky can take up so much room on your smoker, having a stackable BBQ grill rack will help you fit enough meat on the grill to make it worth your while. The stackable jerky rack system we ended up purchasing is the Bull Rack System by Earthworks Supply.

What is a Bull Rack System for Smokers?

Full Bull Rack BR6 Ultimate package which includes a solid bottom tray to capture all the drippings.
Full Bull Rack BR6 Ultimate package which includes a solid bottom tray to capture all the drippings.

The Bull Rack System is a high quality stackable barbecue grill rack system for cooking large quantities of jerky, cheese, fish, pizza, veggies, or anything else you can think of. The BR6 Ultimate package we purchased for our MAK 2 Star pellet grill came with everything needed to get started.

BR6 rack system to hold the individual trays.
BR6 rack system to hold the individual trays.

The heavy-duty rack system is made of stainless-steel and comprises thick metal which should hold up for years in a smoker. The over 1,100 sq inches of cooking space on the six smoking trays for the BR6 model will provide much needed expansion when cooking for large groups. The top of the rack has built-in handles which make it easy to transport.

Perforated trays with wire grid racks.
Perforated trays with wire grid racks.

The aluminum trays are perforated to allow smoke and heat to circulate between the trays. The ultimate package comes with the high quality jerky racks which elevates your proteins for maximum exposure to smoke, which produces a better final product.

Grill Compatibility

Bull Rack Systems come in various configurations to fit all types of grills and smokers. They sell the BR3, BR4, BR5, and BR6 systems which vary in width and height depending on your application.

Here are some of the grill brands they are compatible with:

  • Green Mountain Grills
  • Traeger
  • Rec Tec
  • Char Griller
  • Primo
  • Lousiana
  • Royal
  • Memphis
  • Smokin Brothers
  • Pit Boss
  • Blaz’n Grand Slam
  • MAK
  • Yoder
  • Masterbuilt

BBQ Jerky Stackable Racks for Pellet Grills

Bull Rack BR6 on MAK 2 Star pellet grill.
Bull Rack BR6 on MAK 2 Star pellet grill.

The Bull Rack BR6 system fits perfect on our MAK 2 Star pellet grill. This stackable rack allowed us to smoke 3–4 times the amount of jerky at one time, which saved on wood pellet usage.

Most pellet grills have a “smoke” mode, which makes them good for making jerky. Due to the ease of pellet smokers, anyone can produce high-quality jerky at home.

Multipurpose Stackable Grill Racks for Offset Smokers

BR6 Bull Rack System on Millscale 94 offset smoker.
BR6 Bull Rack System on Millscale 94 offset smoker.

The BR6 Bull Rack System barely fits on our Millscale 94 backyard offset smoker. The height of the cook chamber from the grill grate to the top of the opening is 11.5”.

We have smoked jerky on our pellet grill and offset smoker. While both do an impressive job, nothing compares to the flavor of real wood you get when smoking on an offset smoker. The Bull Rack System will expand your smoking capabilities on any type of pit you own.

Stackable Jerky Racks for Ovens

The Bull Rack System stackable rack can be used anywhere it will fit. If you have a standard gas or electric oven, and you’re looking to cook more quantity, the Bull Rack will fit the bill.

Outdoor dehydrators and ovens are also a great fit. The dimensions for the Bull Rack Systems are available on their website, so you can verify fit before purchasing.

What Temperature To Smoke Jerky?

We smoke beef and chicken jerky at 150F-200F on our offset smoker. When we used to smoke jerky on our MAK pellet smoker, the “smoke” setting was preset to 170F. It takes around 4–6 hours at these temperatures to render great quality jerky that anyone would be proud of.

What Size Fire for Smoking Beef Jerky?

Smoking jerky on an offset smoker requires constant attention to the fire because you will be maintaining a small, clean fire. You will want to make sure this small fire always has a flame burning, so the smoke remains clean during the cook.

Small splits of wood for smoking jerky on offset smoker.
Small splits of wood for smoking jerky on offset smoker.

Standard wood splits for smoking briskets and pork butts will need to be split down in half or thirds. To smoke jerky, you will be adding small splits or “toothpicks” which will burn fast and clean, resulting in awesome tasting beef and chicken jerky.


If you own a smoker that falls short in the capacity department, I would recommend looking into a Bull Rack System that fits your application. We don’t use ours all the time, but when we do, we enjoy the ability to complete our cook in one pass. Your dollar stretches much further when you can smoke larger quantities of food with your allotted fuel source.

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