Nomad AirPods Pro Rugged Case Review

The Nomad AirPods Pro Rugged Case is genuine leather and it’s purty.

I was dropping my AirPods so often, I knew it was time to get a protective covering for the stock case. The plastic case was starting to chip from the falls.

The case is slick and hard to grasp. It can easily slip out of your hands and go flying across the room in the weirdest of ways.

AirPods Pro are expensive. I was on the hunt for some protection.

Enter the brown leather Nomad Rugged Case.

Horween Leather Finish

Horween Leather is starting to patina with usage.
Horween Leather is starting to patina with usage.

Nomad says the leather is sourced from Horween Leather Co. of Chicago. Sounds fancy. 💃

When I think of Chicago, I think of pizza and hot dogs. Anyway.

On their website they show how your case will patina over time with a slider. There is a comparison that shows Day 1 and Day 100. All the drops on the floor will make the worn leather develop a look that is exclusively yours. According to Nomad.

There is a black plastic inlay all the way around the case and it says Nomad.

Tight Rugged Fit

When I first installed the case, I immediately thought the top was going to fly off. It attaches with pressure. I was wrong.

I have had no issues at all with the protective case separating from the stock case. It is securely attached and works great.

The fit and finish is great. The leather was a little slippery in the beginning. As the leather starts to wear, it is becoming more and more grippy. 👍

Integrated Light Pipe

The front of the case has a light pipe. Saay whaaaat?

You heard me right. A light pipe. At least that is what Nomad calls it. And no, this is not something out of Star Wars.

It is a small hole in the front of the case that allows the LED charging indicator to shine through. Works great.

Also, on the back you can see an impression in the leather that allows you to press the reset button. Everything works as advertised.

No Extra Bulk on Case

The Nomad Rugged Case for AirPods Pro does not have a snap or anything else hanging off the case. I keep the case in my pocket and need the ability to remove it quickly.

I needed a sleek case without anything hanging off it to catch on the edges of my pockets. The Nomad case fits the bill perfectly.

Matching Accessories

Nomad offers matching iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands if you want the whole enchilada. They use the same Horween leather which will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Get yourself one. They are nice.

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