Thanksgiving Stuffing in MAK 2 Star Pellet Grill Side Smoker

If you are smoking food on your MAK 2 Star pellet grill, the side smoker can be used as additional smoking space. This is good for cold smoking or adding smoke to already cooked foods. It is a unique feature that is often overlooked.

While smoking a turkey at 200F, we placed our Thanksgiving stuffing in the side smoker to put some sweet smoke on the side dish. The stuffing was already pre-cooked in our kitchen oven, so using a low temperature was crucial as we did not want to further cook the stuffing.

We placed our stuffing in the side smoker of our MAK 2 Star pellet grill for 1 hour while we were smoking our turkey at 200F. The side smoker runs about half the grill temperature at lower smoking temps. This allowed the corn bread dish to absorb some sweet smoke flavor from the Lumberjack Supreme Blend pellets. After 1 hour, we took a sample and were happy with the results.

The side smoker on the MAK 2 Star pellet grill adds options when cooking various meals. It can be used alongside the main grill to cold smoke meats and cheeses, heat pre-cooked foods, or add smoke flavor to side dishes and desserts. This is just another use of the MAK 2 Star side smoker that will add versatility for any outdoor cook.

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