Chamberlain B4613T Garage Door Opener Review

We recently installed two Chamberlain B4613T LED belt drive garage door openers for a customer. This model falls somewhere in the middle of the Chamberlain belt drive line up. The unit has the battery back feature, but no camera and the 1000 lumen LED light has half the output of more expensive models. This article will be a quick review of the Chamberlain B4613T garage door opener based on our limited time with the unit.

What’s Included With The Chamberlain B4613T?

The Chamberlain B4613T garage door opener comes with everything you need to get started. The unit is equipped with two remotes, outside keypad, inside wall control with motion sensor, backup battery, and safety sensors. Also included in the box is everything you need to assemble and install the unit in your home.

Chamberlain Wall Controls Included

Chamberlain includes their wall control with the built-in motion sensor that will automatically turn on the lights when you walk into the garage. Their website shows a different wall button, and it states this model of garage door opener includes timer-to-close.

As illustrated by the image above, the website is showing something different. I called Chamberlain and asked customer support, and they said the factory will sometimes include a different wall button in the box if they run out of a particular model. Inside the box, they will insert a piece of paper telling the customer to call customer support, and they will send them the correct wall buttons once they are back in stock.

1,000 Lumen Built-in LED Light

The 1,000 lumen built-in LED light is plenty of output for most people, and it eliminates you ever having to change a light bulb again. The LED panel wraps around the back of the opener in a sleek design that’s new to the lineup. The blacked area on the front is where upgraded units have the second LED panel installed.

One thing to keep in mind with this garage door opener is the built-in LED light faces away from the garage door. For years, openers were designed with lights that faced the garage door. If you prefer this design, then you need to purchase the upgraded B6713T opener that has two LED lights built-in for a total of 2000 lumens of light output.

Wi-Fi Smartphone Control

The Chamberlain Group has one of the most mature smartphone apps in the industry for controlling garage doors. Their MyQ app has been around for years, providing reliable access into garages with very little downtime. We use the app multiple times a day at our home on three different doors, ranging from a small roll up door to an 18×10 commercial door. It has been an indispensable tool that has allowed us to monitor our garage doors with very little effort.

Battery Backup

The Chamberlain B4613T garage door opener includes a backup battery that is installed inside the motor housing. This allows you to open your garage door when the power goes out. This is great for homeowners who live in areas with frequent blackouts or wildfires. Replacement is simple and is usually required about every 2-3 years.

3/4 HP Rated Quiet DC Motor

Above is a short video we shot of the Chamberlain B4613T garage door opener running a full cycle on a Wayne Dalton 9100 garage door. Thanks to the DC motor, the opener features a soft start and stop, which eliminates jerking of the garage door during operation. The belt drive only adds to the quiet operation provided by the DC motor. Chamberlain is rating the motor at 3/4 HP, which places it in the middle of their lineup when it comes to horsepower ratings on their DC motors.

New Style Safety Sensors

Chamberlain and LiftMaster recently updated their safety sensors with brighter lights, which is a welcomed addition. Previously, the green and amber lights could be hard to see, especially during the day. Another big difference is the green light (receiver) now blinks when it is out of alignment or blocked, which gets your attention. Previously, the light would be completely off if not properly aligned.

Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery

If you frequently receive packages from, you can sign up to connect your Chamberlain garage door opener to their Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery. This feature gives the delivery driver a one-time access code to open your garage door and leave a package inside. This ensures your packages are safe, preventing porch pirates from stealing your booty.

Installing the Chamberlain Opener Yourself

Chamberlain offers instructional videos on how to assemble and install your belt drive garage door opener. While this may not be for everyone, there are plenty of DIY folks who have successfully installed a new opener. You can first give it a try and if you don’t succeed, you can call a garage door company to finish what you started.

A third party called BILT also offers 3D instructions to help with installation. I do not know if they charge for their services.

Chamberlain B4613T vs. Liftmaster 84501

LiftMaster 84501 Dual LED, Belt Drive garage door opener.
LiftMaster 84501 dual LED, belt drive garage door opener.

At the time of writing this, LiftMaster doesn’t really offer an opener with the exact features of the Chamberlain B4613T. The closest thing they have is the LiftMaster 84501 which is belt drive, DC motor, but it doesn’t have the backup battery. It does have a brighter LED light rated at 1,500 lumens. If you’re looking for a belt drive, battery backup opener in the LiftMaster lineup, you will have to step up to the LiftMaster 87504 which has the built-in camera.

Chamberlain B4613T Owners Manual

Installation Manual for models manufactured in 2022 and after*
Download Manual – English
Download Manual – Spanish

Installation Manual for models manufactured prior to 2022
Download Manual – English

*Models manufactured in 2022 and after have a Step Saver Setup sticker located below the learn button on the operator itself.

If your wondering why there are different manuals for Chamberlain openers manufactured 2022 and after, you can read more about the article we wrote titled 2022 Changes to Chamberlain & LiftMaster Garage Door Openers.


(2) Chamberlain B4613T garage door openers installed in homeowners garage.
(2) Chamberlain B4613T garage door openers installed in homeowners garage.

The Chamberlain B4613T garage door opener continues to build upon the solid foundation Chamberlain has established through the years. This model offers all the features and accessories you need plus a little more. The homeowner we installed these units for was pleased with their purchase. The sleek design along with modern-day smart features makes this unit a fierce competitor among a crowded field.

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