Linear Garage Door Opener Reprogramming After Power Outages

With the arctic storm raging through Texas in 2021, many Linear LDCO800 garage door openers lost their travel limits. The reason for this is excessive power outages. The good news is it’s an easy fix. Today we are going to walk you through it.

Newer Garage Door Openers with DC Motors

Many of the newer garage door openers that have DC motors utilize electronic limits. This means the limits for the up and down travel are stored inside the circuit board. In older units, the travel limits are controlled by contact points that ground out when they touch.

If you have excessive power outages, garage door openers with DC motors can lose their travel limits. In most cases, a field reset will resolve the issue.

Field Reset

If you have had power outages in your area and your Linear garage door opener is not opening and closing correctly, you need to do a field reset. The YouTube video we link to below will show you how to complete the reset, reprogram the travel limits, and set the force factor.

The field reset instructions will also apply to any Linear or Amarr garage door opener with a DC motor. Some other Linear models are the LDCO863B, LDCO841, LDCO850, LDCO852, and LDCO801 which replaces the LDCO800. Amarr manufactured garage door openers for a short period of time that were made by Linear.

Here is a YouTube video showing how to perform the field reset:

Force Factor

The force factor is how hard the garage door opener pushes the door down and pulls when lifting. The heavier setting is better for larger oversized garage doors or any heavier insulated door that has more mass.

Last Step: Run Four Full Cycles

After you have completed the field reset, you want to make sure to run the garage door opener four full cycles to set the automatic force. Running the unit four full cycles will set the force on the unit.

The Linear and Amarr garage door openers with DC motors will remember the resistance from the last four cycles of running your garage door to automatically set the proper force.

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